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Jack Tupac Pennington is an American author and poet.  He has self published two books; "The Pen is the Sword the Graphic is the Flag" and "Ant Chants."  Apart from publishing books he has long been an online author of various online news feeds and blogs.  He has worked in 36 countries around the world teaching English for various professionals ranging across various industries.  Jack Tupac Pennington uses psychology and semiotics to brand growing businesses or individuals seeking online income and PR.  He is a digital native and has a vast multi-disciplinary approach to using digital platforms.  Apart from his mastery in communication he is a professional photographer and video editor.  Jack Tupac Pennington is currently living in Switzerland since 2012 and is open to contracts as a consultant.

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I am Jack Tupac Pennington


Teaching/ Mutlilingual/ Computer and Hardware Technician/ Photographer/ Video Editor/ Digital Media Communicator/ Security Auditor.

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